What it is and where it applies

The tourist tax, adopted by the Municipality of Piacenza based on the provisions of the art. 4 of Legislative Decree no. 23 of 14 March 2011, came into force on 1 January 2018.
The tax is intended to finance tourism-related interventions including those to support accommodation facilities, the maintenance, use and recovery of cultural and environmental assets, as well as local public services.
The tax applies to each overnight stay (i.e. for each person and for each night), up to a maximum of 4 consecutive nights, in accommodation facilities as well as in properties intended for short-term rentals pursuant to art. 4 Legislative Decree 24 April 2017, n. 50 which are located in the territory of the Municipality of Piacenza. Consecutivity also occurs when multiple accommodation facilities are involved in the same stay.


How much do you pay

For 4-star hotels there is an amount of €3.50 per person per night for the first 4 nights of stay.


  • minors
  • the subjects who assist patients hospitalized in health facilities in the municipal area (2 people per hospitalized patient)
  • parents or carers who assist non-self-sufficient minors and disabled people admitted to local health facilities (2 people per patient)
  • subjects staying to carry out rehabilitation therapies
  • individuals who stay to provide volunteer service for extraordinary or emergency events
  • the subjects who stay because of natural events and disasters
  • individuals staying for study purposes, enrolled in secondary schools, professional training courses, universities and post-university higher education, including internships, up to and including 32 years of age and individuals who are members of orchestras of training
  • bus drivers who stay for service needs and tour leaders who present assistance activities to groups organized by travel and tourism agencies; the exemption applies to each bus driver and to one tour leader for every 20 subjects
  • the employees of the manager of the accommodation facility who carry out their work there
  • personnel belonging to state armed forces, provincial or local police forces, as well as the national fire brigade and civil protection who stay for service needs and not for services paid for by private individuals